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Zip around town in suburban style. Work or pleasure, the Ashfel GT will get you to your destination with the minimum of fuss and maximum of comfort. Enjoy a smooth ride with soft seats and shock absorbers taking the bumps out of everyday commuting. The 72 volt battery is strong and long, giving up to 60 kms of uninterrupted riding. No license, no gas, zero carbon emissions comes as standard.

Features - radio, alarm, LED Headlights, rear storage, 500 watt motor, horn, passenger pegs, fold-in pedals, hydraulic disc brakes, signal turn lights, digital speedo/odometer, battery level meter.

Maximum Range - 60 kms based on riding on level ground.
Charge Time - 6-8 hours.
Storage - Under seat and rear box.
Volts - 72.
Speed - 32 km/hr.
Battery Life - 300-400 charges.
Maximum Load - 300lbs.


C$2,499.99 Regular Price
C$1,599.99Sale Price